In the summer of 2017, I worked as the designer for fourth iteration of Pittsburgh's Performance Art Festival (aka PGH•PAF). PGH•PAF is a volunteer-run arts event, and brings together performance artists from across the city, nation and globe. As the designer, I was in charge of creating a memorable and cohesive  


visual identity

Starting out, I had to create the visual identity to promote the upcoming festival. I wanted to highlight both the diverse group of artists and the city itself, so I hand painted buildings in Pittsburgh's skyline. Immersed in the buildings are images of artists who would be performing at the upcoming festival. The rest of the poster features bright colors that are lively and capture the eye, as well as the spirit of PGH•PAF.


information design

The next assignment I had was to create a brochure the festival that:

  • included the logo and visual identity
  • included a map of the event
  • gave information on all of artists performing
  • showed when and where the performances were taking place
  • displayed who the sponsors were

My solution was to incorporate all of the information into an innovative brochure. When folded up, the brochure has tabs to help users find the info they are looking for. A map displays street names and buildings hosting the event, and is visually tied into the schedule. Best of all, when folded up, the brochure easily fits into a pocket, and can be carried around throughout the whole weekend event!



Finally, hosted around the event were print out directional posters. The posters featured white space in the middle, which volunteers could customize with arrows or information. The colors for each venue coordinate with their color identity in the map, helping visitors easily navigate the weekend festival.