Get Ahead of Lead

Here is a project that I am currently working on for the Allegheny County Health Department. The project is called Get Ahead of Lead, and is aimed to mitigate the public health crisis that is effecting many people, especially in low-income communities in Southwest PA. The comprehensive solution involved creating logos and branding, to UX research and design.

Starting Out

I joined onto a team of experts and specialists in public health, law, epidemiology, social work, and housing, and was quickly brought up to speed on everything I needed to know about lead. Allegheny County had just passed an ordinance requiring children entering kindergarten to prove that they have been tested for lead. My first job was to aggregate Blood Lead Level testing information into documents for doctors, school nurses, clinicians, and other health care practitioners.


Next, I ran ideation exercises with the team. Collectively we narrowed in on the campaign's message: lead is dangerous, it is likely in or around your home, and there are easy steps to take to stay ahead of the problem. I came up with Get Ahead of Lead, which encourages a proactive response to the crisis. The logo features the 3 focal points of Get Ahead, which are testing, cleaning your home, and nutrition. 


Iterative design process

I was focussed to treat the campaign like the living, breathing problem at hand. To do this, I ran meetings at the Health Department explaining the iterative design process. The whole team works together through the different design phases of Research, Concept, Prototype, and Design. Through design exercises, I encouraged my team to think openly and creatively, and to revisit and reconsider different phases.



User Research

For researching the campaign, I took an in depth look at all key stakeholders involved. This included everyone from my team at the Allegheny County Health Department office to the people affected by lead in their homes. I was able to work with community group leaders to find out what was working and not working when talking about lead, any questions or concerns they had, and what they wanted to see from the Health Department.



Feedback gained from our community groups helped guide the direction of project deliverables. Over the course of the project I developed items such as a Nutrition Brochure, public transportation advertisements, and a resource sheet that summed up all of the lead-related services provided by the county.

Nutrition Brochure

Resource Sheet

Public Transportation Advertisements


Using feedback from our community group meetings, my team realized that video would be a powerful tool to spread the Get Ahead of Lead message. Working with Allegheny County’s videography team, I helped write, direct, animate and shoot a video explaining Lead Safety. This video will hopefully be a launching pad for future visual communication from the County and Health Department.